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Japanese facial lifting up massage

During Lock down, do you make up?

How many times and how long do you see your face with mirror?

I had not worn make up during last lock down, and then one day

I saw my face very well when I do make up.

I was surprised at my face because I felt I got older suddenly.

I felt what's wrong with my face?

I wore sun protect cream and a hat when I went out side.

But why my face looks so tired and got old??

I remember what I did before lock down.

I had make up and cleansing and massage at night.

This my night routine I used from I was 18 years old.

I was looked 20 years younger than my age. Because my skin was very good condition from this cleansing routine.

This 2nd lock down, I decided I do facial massage every nights even I do not wear make up.

If you would like to reset your facial skin and condition, I recommend to have

Japanese facial lifting up massage.

I believe this is good effect with rejuvenation too. You feel your face lifting up.

Japanese facial lifting up massage is one of the popular treatment for my clients.

It has firm pressure which based on facial reflexology.

Improving blood and lymph flowing and drainage so that I do massage décolleté, shoulder and arms first.

Japanese  facial lifting up massage will help improve your blood circulation, which will make your face sharper and your eyes bigger.

Some people might feel comfortable pain. After treatment, you will feel like you had a full body treatment. It's very comfortable and  satisfied.


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