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Dr. Vodder- Method Manual lymphatic drainage

  60min £50

  75min £55

  90min £60

You fell very powerful relaxing and calming effect

on the nervous system.

The gentle, rhythmic, pumping, massage movements

follow the direction of lymph flow and produce rapid results.

This gentle touch like feather treatment has benefit for pain relief, Fibromyalgia(FM), post surgery (e.g. liposuction) ,  Meniere’s disease, Insomnia, Arthritis, Acne, Migraine, Maintenance of muscle after exercise, the adjustment of sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve, Stress and Burnout symptoms, Relaxation.

>>>Please be advised this treatment is not for slimming /weight loss lymphatic drainage massage<<<


>>If you have dissection of the lymph after due to surgery, Lymphedema, please do not book.<<


After you booked, I will send email why you need to have this treatment.

Please reply with briefly. ( for example , post cosmetic surgery, insomnia, relaxation...) or Please feel free to text me first via whats apps.

I will call you back.

Contraindications(Untreated malignant tumour, Acute infection for example cellulitis, Acute thrombosis, Acute phlebitis, Clinically relevant heart failure).

*Please let me know if you are pregnant or possible.

*The effects of this differs from person to person.

Deep tissue Massage

  60min £50

  75min £55

  90min £60

Making your muscle softer by good farm pressure.

If you have very stiffness shoulders, this is good for them.

*Please do not book if you are pregnant or possible.

Integrated Massage (Bespoke course)

  60min £50

  75min £55

  90min £60

Making your own course.

For example, 30min Deep tissue and 30min Reflexology.

*Please do not book if you are pregnant or possible.


Japanese Facial Massage

  60min £55(inc. neck , shoulder mini massage)


This facial massage is based on facial reflexology.

It uses a combination of different techniques

that focus on facial muscle stimulation.


The lift to the facial muscles is entirely natural.

I do treatment shoulder and arms also.

After treatment, you might feel like having full body massage.

Some people who has Insomnia, Stress, Burnout symptoms, Relaxation, Bell’s palsy(as a symptomatic treatment) say feels better after treatment.

*The effects of this differs from person to person.

Stress buster 70min

  70min £60 (40min Japanese facial& 30min Body massage)

Japanese facial massage 40min.& Upper body(back, neck, shoulder, arms) 30min.
This is good for if you look tired , heavy your face and body, depress....This treatments make you inside and face refresh, and reborn.
Please book via WhatsApp or text.
Check availability from Book or website.

Luxury Facial massage and care

(not available at the moment)

  60min £60 (inc. neck, shoulder mini massage)

This treatment  is  for when you want to bring back for perfectly

radiant skin or if you want to try to have a part of Japanese facial

lifting up rejuvenation massage.

Clenser, Exfoliation, Massage, Mask, Finish up.


Reflexology with foot spa

  60min £50


Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary health therapy

that can be effective in promoting deep relaxation, deep sleep

and well-being with soft pressure.

It is a touch therapy that is based on the theory

that different points on the feet, lower leg,

hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body and

reflexologists work these points and areas.

*The effects of this differs from person to person.

MLD ボッダー式マニュアルリンパドレナージュ

  60min £50

  75min £55​

  90min £60






ディープティシュ マッサージ


  60min £50

  75min £55

  90min £60







  60min £50

  75min £55

  90min £60

体調に合わせたオーダーメイドのオイルマッサージ です。例えば、





  60min £55(首、肩、腕含む)











  60min £50







 Home visit is available






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