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Manual lymphatic drainage and Massage for Arthritis pain body

The basic treatment for rheumatism arthritis is drug therapy.

Rheumatism....unfortunately, cannot be cured by our massage treatments.

However, the pain may be relieved by massaging the area around the area that is not painful. Manual lymphatic drainage is performed on painful affected areas.

For back pain that is not related to rheumatism, however, Stiff shoulders and back stiffness have nothing to do with rheumatism, but they are caused by using unnecessary muscle strength in everyday life due to rheumatoid arthritis.

First of all, I will massage the whole body.

Severe body stiffness and fatigue are not things that get better with one treatment a week.

For the first week

if possible, the treatment interval is every other day to loosen the muscles of the whole body.

From the second week onwards

Try to have the treatments at least twice a week and as many times as you can.

After two months, the stiffness of the muscles will gradually improve.

By the end of the 3 months, I believe that the stiffness in the back will go away and become as stiff as a person doing a normal job.


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