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What is good effects soaking in hot water bath??

It is colder day by day.

Do you taking a bath rather than shower?

I love taking bath and I do it every night.

It works very well for tired body before you sleep. When I am in hot water bathtub,

I feel relax, happy and tiredness come out from my body.

In fact, soaking in hot water bathtub has many good effects.

・Heating effect to the body

When the skin is warmed with hot water, blood vessels dilate and blood flow increases, and the warmed blood goes around the body and warms the whole body. This is the same for partial baths with only limbs.

・Recovery from exhaustion

Water pressure is applied to the part of the body that is submerged in the hot water of the bathtub. In the case of a half-body bath in the bathtub up to the epigastrium, the amount of blood returning from the veins of the legs to the heart increases, and the amount of blood from the heart increases. Therefore, the blood circulation of the whole body is improved and the recovery from fatigue is accelerated.

The half-body bath also has the advantage of not straining the heart. The whole body bath up to the neck is that the pressure pushes the abdomen and lifts the diaphragm, it tends to put pressure on the heart.

・Relieve mental tension

It is that slowly soaking in lukewarm water at 37-39 ° C for 10 minutes or more, stimulates the parasympathetic nerves, relaxes the mental tension, and loosens the muscles. However, hot water above 42 ° C stimulates the sympathetic nerves, increasing the heart rate and increasing blood pressure.


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