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easy way to take Omega 3 from food

How often do you eat fish in daily meal?

When I was in Japan, I used to have fish often.

However I had not eaten fish so long.

Many kind of fish has Omega-3.

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid. This is a nutrient your body needs, among other things, to fight inflammatory reactions, but which it cannot make on its own. Therefore, you need to get omega-3 through the diet you eat.

Now I am 50’s and realised to eat fish more every day.

Since around May this year, I am eating salmon twice a week.

I make my lunch box when I go to work in London.

Main food is salmon.

Today I introduce to cook salmon tasty and easy.


2 salmon fillets, salt , sweet chili sauce or whatever your favorite spice or sauce.

corn flour

I prepared sweet chili sauce and salt.

Salman , omega 3

1.Put sauce or sweet chili on the salmon.

At that time, do not drop the sauce around the salmon.

It will be burn.

2. I used sakura cha, today. ( this is tea, but I use this instead of salt.)

3. put in fridge, if you have time. Otherwise cook with oven.( see time and temperature on your salmon package)

4. Before cook in the oven, I put corn or potato starch in the salmon.

It makes the salmon crispy.

5. Cook in the oven.


6. Next morning, I replaced salmon in my lunch box.


I do not like salmon so much, but I have it as a supplement or medicine for making my healthy body.


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